ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR 10.1-Inch Detachable 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop with 32GB SSD + 500GB HDD Top Laptop 2014

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR 10.1-Inch Detachable 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop with 32GB SSD + 500GB HDD

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR 10.1-Inch Detachable 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop with 32GB SSD + 500GB HDD


This has got to be one of the best tech values besides the Nexus 5 and Nokia 520. Fro $350-400, you get a FULL FEATURED 10 inch Windows 8 tablet that comes with a keyboard dock! Tablet one second, netbook the other! Its a fantastic device that gets 5 stars for its superb value alone!

+ Great screen! People online may gripe on the 720p display, but you’ll never notice using it
+ Battery life: Took it off the charger 7am this morning, and been using it straight since browsing the internet, viewing several Youtube videos both on Flash and Metrotube app, reading PDFs with Bluetooth and Webcam on. Now at 4pm, and still have 40% on the tank! Definetly liberating from netbooks where under clocking underpowered devices was a necessity to get that battery life. About as good as my iPad.
+The Speakers! As an iPad owner, I’m impressed. Very clear and very loud. definitely betrays their size. I’ve never had reason to crank it up past 50% so far.
+ FULL WINDOWS 8.1! This can’t be said enough. I think almost everyone who has bought a Netbook did so to get a full Windows experience in a relatively portable format, where I do not feel afraid to use the device on a subway, and doesn’t require me to bring a charger.
+ This things a BEAST for its size. Wana watch a flash Youtube video while browsing the net on the same screen? No problem! Wana do some photo editing while watching said video? No sweat! Everything is buttery smooth on Bay Trail. Hell, it seems faster than my Core2Duo 2009 White Macbook that I’ve been using as my primary computer (very happily especially with Mavericks) for 4 years now.
+ MicroSD card slot: Format it so NTFS, and you have an additional 32-64GB Hard Drive, so space no longer becomes a big issue.


- The Dock: I REALLY want to like this thing. Truly. But its pretty terrible. The keyboard has the same configuration and size as my 1000HE, which I’ve been using regularly until recently (broken fan). But its for some reason a pain in the ___ to type on. I think its because the keys are recessed in to the case too far, and the boarders around the keyboard are too high. Makes it very awkward to type on. Keys are also a bit stiff, but I personally don’t mind that too much. Also, like others are reporting, there’s still Q/A issues with these: Bought it from BestBuy yesterday (32GB) so its a brand new batch. The space bar is already squeaking after just a days use. Now very difficult to type on. Gonna send it in for return.

The Touchpad is also pretty bad. However, there’s a way to make it pretty decent:

1- realize that Asus put some stupid power saving feature to turn off the touchpad after 10 seconds or so. When you wana use it, just tap on it and use it. Small 6/10 second thing, but it makes it much more bearable.

2- On the Desktop, double click “Asus Smart Gesture” on the bottom right where the Dock is (where you see your Battery indicator). Go to “Edge Gesture” and TURN THAT SHAITE OFF!!! Whoever thought that was a good idea in the first place should be fired! This thing already has the ability to do gestures with the touch screen. What’s the point in adding all these unusable gestures to such a small touchpad? Leave it alone! The only gesture it needs is 2 finger scrolling. The rest is pointless.

3- After that, go to Mouse Settings on the Control Panel and crank up both touch sensitivity and scrolling speed.

So in conclusion, if you want a FULL 10 inch Windows Tablet that has a dock to use as a stand, case, and occasional keyboard, then get the Asus T100 without hesitation. Its perfect.

If, like me, you are looking to get one as a netbook replacement, then wait a bit longer. Either until Asus fixes their Q/A issues, for competitor models that WILL be coming, or ditch the Tablet part and wait for the eventual touch screen Bay Trail netbooks.

In my 1 day use, the tablet part adds to the Netbook experience. Complementing it with the fast processing and amazing battery life, this machine should be the Ultimate Computational Device.

However, it isn’t right now. My thumb is tired from hitting this squeaky space bar, so signing off!

Edit: Just got back from Bestbuy to exchange the keyboard, and the overall response is much better. Think the keyboard was defective all around. If it holds up after the next few weeks, I’ll bump it up to 4 stars. Still, be wary of the quality control issues on this product, and make sure you buy it from somewhere that has a very flexible return policy.

Edit 2: Well, it’s been a month and so far, so good! The new dock has shown no wear and is now holding up well. after about a month, it’s staring to replace my iPad as a tablet. Not entirely, but it’s getting there. 4:3 aspect ratio is still ideal for tablet browsing, and Windows store is sorely lacking apps…but considering that I never intended this little thing to replace my MacBook OR iPad, I gotta say Tablet internet Explorer has grown on me! And I haven’t really touched my MacBook since getting this, as I am able to do all my editing fine with the T100.

Another thing to be wary of: The plastics in the tablet are cheap. No joke. I put it in my book bag with the dock snug in a relatively safe compartment. Never banged it, or dropped it, etc. took it out, and found a very small crack on the side of the tablet. It’s very small and everything works perfect, but considering the amount of drops and damage I’ve done with my old Asus Netbook, it’s a bit disappointing it’s that brittle. When in use, get a case for the whole thing. AmazonBasics has a cheap $9 case for 10 inch tablets that fits well and gives good enough protection.

Brother Printer Work Smart MFCJ870DW Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax Recommended Printer 2014

Brother Printer Work Smart MFCJ870DW Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax

Brother Printer Work Smart MFCJ870DW Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax


My 3 year old HP PhotoSmart printer died (control panel dead) so I ventured back into the printer marketplace. I am a low print volume home user. My main criteria was to find a reliable printer with low cost of operation. It seemed to me I was spending too much for ink based on the number of documents/pictures that I printed. I narrowed my selection to either a Brother or an HP 8600. The Brother ink cartridges seemed less expensive compared to the other brands. Printer reviews showed that the HP 8600 line had favorable costs per page for ink consumption. Fortunately my Consumer Reports magazine (August, 2013) arrived in the mail. It had an article titled “The Case of the Disappearing Ink.” Their tests identified the extra cost of occasional printing (ink consumed for maintenance tasks like head cleaning). They cited Brother printers as being most frugal with annual costs in the 0 to $15 range. The HP 8600 was the worst case with a $126 annual cost. Obviously I selected this Brother Printer.

Installation: I had no major problems installing it (Windows 7, wireless network.)

Print Quality: I printed a few photos and a sample of documents. I have no issues with print quality.

Fax: Works fine over my Time Warner digital phone system.

Scanner and Copy functions seem comparable to my HP. For fax, scanning and copy I find that the document feeder is very handy.

I did print a few things from my Android tablet just to see if it worked. No problems.

Only time will tell if it meets my reliability and costs expectations. If you are a high volume user (over 500 pages a month) I would look at the HP 8600 line.

Seiki SE32HY10 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) Top Brand like 2014

Seiki SE32HY10 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

Seiki SE32HY10 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)


Where to begin…where to begin? Well, I won’t bore the readers with a story; but here’s a little background info about this TV.

This Black Friday, I had a choice between standing in line at Walmart and waiting for a 98 dollar Funai or being smarter and getting a 98 dollar Seiki TV on Amazon. The reason why I went with Seiki is because I have yet to run across a review for a Funai TV; and secondly, I’ve actually seen the Funai in action via a family member that got one. While the Funai wasn’t bad, it certainly lacked some of the connections and presented a less crisp image. Anyway, onto the review-

TV build/Accessories-

This Seiki 32 inch TV comes with a remote, 2 batteries, a stand that you’ll have to screw on with a Phillips head screwdriver (which is standard), an instruction manual and a one or two page colored diagram that shows all the TV’s features and connections. It could’ve come with an HDMI cable, but being that I own about 5 of them, it’s no big deal. However, in the accessories department, an HDMI cable included would be the only thing that’s missing to make the deal a little sweeter.
The TV’s build is a bit on the light side. In fact, the TV is extremely light and can be picked up by anyone.
The stand is just alright; but I’ll get into that part later.

Score- 9/10


This TV’s connections includes 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, a Component port, VGA port, Composite/AV port, 3.5 mm audio cable (this can be used for headphones/earphones/speakers/and supporting soundbars), A Coaxial cable In port (also for soundbars) and finally, an RF cable out which would be used for antennae support.
So as you can see, the Seiki gives you a lot of options for connections, however, I only wished this TV had stereo AV in ports for AV stereo AUX support with soundbars. If you have an AUX out soundbar, you’ll need to get a two-way 3.5mm audio cable which are really cheap.

Score- 9/10

Image clarity/Options/Menu options-

Ok. Here’s the more important part of the review that I saved just before I list the cons of this product. The image clarity!!! This is important to me because I’m a gamer and light TV watcher, I also watch my Roku box and Youtube with apps such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crackle and PBS etc.

The image quality for this TV is really good. In fact, I own a Vizio, Samsung, LG and a Magnavox as well as the worst of my TV’s being a DYNEX (DO NOT BUY A DYNEX) and I’d have to say that the Seiki’s image clarity is on par and in some ways better than my Vizio, It’s somewhat on par with my LG (but I’ll give the LG a slight edge in crispness)…heck, even the Samsung’s quality is about on Par with it but I’d still give Samsung a slight, and I mean very slight edge. One of the problems I have with this Seiki TV is that the contrast and color are really, really good but can be a bit overbearing to the eye. In fact, how I tuned this TV was by turning the contrast and color down a load and fiddling around with the Dynamic Luminance. Here’s a tip if you end up buying this TV and want a high contrast setting. Simply turn down the color and blast the contrast. In any event, it has a bright, colorful and crisp image.
Initially, I was afraid that the SEIKI wouldn’t hold up; but the quality is impressive, especially considering it’s price and the size of the set.

The menu options include Picture settings, Audio settings, Time settings, Parental Lock and a channel set up. Within these options you’ll be able to fine tune the TV’s color, color temperature, Noise reduction for image clarity, enhance the sound with PCM or RAW sound output with supported surround sound and equalizer settings between bass, balance and treble. It also supports French, Spanish and English audio. There’s also a built in NTSC/AIR antennae tuner, a QAM tuner, and a cable tuner with IRC and other options.
The channel scan is relatively fast and lasts about 4 minutes. Yes, it does pick up DTV channels and local channels, all you need is a cheap antennae or some rabbit ears. Perhaps even a piece of wire would work as well. Currently, I have a normal antennae plugged into the RF port and it found over 40 local channels in 4 minutes. I didn’t bother adjusting the antennae since I really don’t watch much TV except for news, some movies (which I watch on Roku anyhow) and perhaps some sports games. Overall, it has a load of options, but it is missing some features that I would’ve liked. It also does have an LED backlight and luminance option.

Score- 9/10

Gaming/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3/Wii/PS2/etc-

Being that I game a bit, here’s the rundown with gaming.
This TV does support 1080p resolution. On the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it’s pretty good. However, with consoles like the Wii, I’ll have to tune the color a little and turn it almost all the way down because the color’s really strong. I’ve tested it with PS3 and PS2. With PS2 I noticed that gaming does look a bit better especially if you have component cables (blue, green, red, white, red)and honestly, the PS3 games look amazing on it, especially at 1080p.
At first I assumed since this is a 720p set, it would only upscale, but the games are actually in 1080p at 60hz, so playing games like Killzone, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, Mario etc look really nice. The image is really crisp. With some games I’ll change the video output to 720p or 1080i being that 1080p tends to pixellate some games horribly.
The response time is good. I tested this online with Battlefield Bad Company 2 conquest mode and I haven’t noticed any lag, again, the image is crisp, although to be honest, I may prefer the color of my Magnavox because it isn’t so strong…once I tune the color or simply put it on a setting, it’s just fine.


The biggest con thus far with this TV is THE STAND. Let me clarify, the stand is supposed to be screwed in, which I did, however, it’s slightly wobbly. Not to the point that if you bumped the TV it would wobble, but the stand’s built awkward and the TV has a minor lean. Despite the minor lean, the viewing angle is excellent, so I haven’t had any problems but it’s still worth noting.

The second con would be that the Tint option is grayed out for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s grayed out because the tint adjusts based on the color temperature or if it just doesn’t have a tint adjusting option, but in any event, it’s just a gray option that I haven’t been able to fiddle with.

Finally, there’s the audio. Yes, you get many options, but the sound is not good at all. It’s just passable. But in comparison to my Vizio (which has excellent sound), LG and even my Magnavox, the sound is bad. It either sounds really tinny or just cheap. I found that adjusting the bass and boosting the treble really high helped a bit, but overall, it still sounds terrible, especially during some commercials or when listening to music. Do yourself a favor and get some speakers or a soundbar. I highly recommend soundbars by Haier or RCA.


I highly recommend this TV for anyone on a budget who’d like a quality TV with a crisp image. While certain cons such as this TV having one of the worst screw-in stands, a lack of tint customization and the TV’s audio which sounds really cheap even when tuned nay bug some, the overall image clarity and the viewing angle of this TV is fantastic. It has really vivid colors and again, produces a crisp image. It’s not bad to view TV on or watch Roku/Apple/apps, it’s great for gaming and it’s lightweight. This was a steal for Black Friday, but I could see myself buying this tv full price. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because of the stand and the audio. If it were possible, I’d give it a 4.5/5 but Amazon doesn’t have half point increments.

Edit (December 8th, 2013)

I also neglected to mention the following features of this Seiki TV. This TV features a memory store for color/audio and picture settings on each source chosen. In other words, If I picked HDMI 1 and set the color, then chose TV and set the color, then chose HDMI 2 or component or AV, it will memorize all color settings for each source chosen.

I have finally resolved the “Tint” issue with this TV and it’s a little weird. First, you’ll have to go to factory settings by pressing “Menu” and then hitting “0” four times. (then look for “Others” then select “Color Temp” and adjust IF YOU WANT TO. To exit this mode, simply press exit or menu twice. I am not telling anyone to go to the factory menu) Keep in mind that when entering this menu, you DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH ANY SETTING THAT YOU’RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH. (I accidentally enabled “Burning mode” and got a screen full of colors until I held down the power button on the TV for 10-20 seconds and pressed it again to get it off)
Anyway, from the factory menu, there are settings to add “Green” “Red” and “Blue” or to “offset” Green, Red and Blue, and what I did was slowly add small amounts of Green and red to even out the tint.
The downside to doing this is that it will save it to one of the color picture presets and you’ll have to keep the preset in mind. I personally used this for the “Cool” temperature setting in picture settings just to knock the reds back a tad. (But again, that’s just me)
The good part about the factory menu is, there’s also settings for the “Backlight” which I’ve put all the way up to 100. There are settings to enable QAM as well. But I just wanted to speak on the QAM being enabled through the factory menu a second because I saw other recent reviews that are a little misleading. If you enable QAM, indeed, you’ll get a few more channels, but don’t expect every cable channel possible. For the antennae channel scan, at best you may get 10 or more extra channels. (at the moment, my tuner found 58 channels via antenna with QAM enabled, whereas, before, it found about 40 or so channels. It’s a difference, but it’s not a huge difference)
Also, there is an option available to scan cable channels, which I’m assuming works, but you’ll have to give Seiki an e-mail (which is provided if you call their customer service line. In fact, it’s an automated message and it’s literally the first thing they talk about before connecting a call), I got my code via e-mail in about a minute flat. (It seems to be an automated e-mail anyway)

I also resolved the TV stand issue by simply and carefully tightening the stand screws, and it wobbles a lot less.
Anyway, I still stand by my review. This TV has been great.

VIZIO E420i-B0 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV Top Brand like 2014

VIZIO E420i-B0 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

VIZIO E420i-B0 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV


I bought this vizio tv after thoroughly looking online for the best picture for my limited budget. After seeing the difference in person between a standard led tv and this full array led tv, I was sold. Gaming on this tv looks amazingly smooth, bright, and crystal clear. Didn’t need to adjust any of the picture settings either, the gaming setting gives me a picture quality that I feel is more than sufficient. The only gripe I have against this tv is that the stand is flimsier than older vizio models that I’ve seen and when I turn the tv (which I do frequently) I’m afraid that it’s eventually going to wear out and break. If you’re looking for a great quality picture without spending a lot of money, I highly recommend this tv.

I’ve had the tv for almost a month now and I’m still just as happy with it as I was the first day I got it. There is a light indicator on the tv to let you know that the tv is on, it’s disabled by default but I enabled it in the TVs settings. As far as gaming lag goes, I’ve had the picture set to gaming mode and haven’t noticed any at all. I’ve been playing call of duty ghost on the ps4 on this tv a lot, and it’s performed beyond my expectations. Also I read a review that states that the smart feature is slow to start up this is both true and false. The tv doesn’t maintain a constant connection to the internet, when you turn the tv off, the internet connection is off. I’ve noticed that if I try accessing one of the apps such as netflix immediately after I turned the tv on, it takes a while for it to connect. If I turn the tv on, wait a few seconds for it to connect to my router and then try accessing netflix, the app starts very quickly.

Canon Lasers imageCLASS D530 Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier Recommended Printer 2014

Canon Lasers imageCLASS D530 Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier

Canon Lasers imageCLASS D530 Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Canon D530 - Black and White Laser Multifunction Copier

imageCLASS D530
Click on the “+” for more information. (view larger)

The imageCLASS D530 is a dynamic laser multifunction copier with advanced copy, print and scan features that will fit perfectly with your business needs. The D530 offers blazing speeds of 26ppm, quick first copies and prints, and energy efficient copying options including 2 on 1 and 4 on 1, which help to reduce paper usage. This compact machine will fit anywhere in your home or office and comes with a 250-sheet front loading paper cassette for easy paper handling.

Operating System

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

What’s in the Box

  • D530
  • Power Cord
  • Registration Card
  • Starter Cartridge 128
  • Manuals
  • User Software CD-Rom
  • Warranty Card

Fast, Precise Printing

imageCLASS MF4890dw

Crisp black and white documents arrive in approximately 5.8 seconds with Canon’s Quick First Print while originals will output at up to 26 pages-per-minute.

Robust Paper Supply

imageCLASS MF4890dw

Maximize time. A 250-sheet cassette plus single sheet multipurpose tray means you spend less time re-filling paper.


imageCLASS MF4890dw

User-friendly 5 line LCD for easy navigation.

ID Card Copy

imageCLASS MF4890dw

Easily create copies of your identification cards or other small documents like passports to keep for your records on a one-sided document.

Single Cartridge System

imageCLASS MF4890dw

Canon’s Single Cartridge System is a convenient all-in-one consumable that when replaced, rejuvenates the entire imaging process for consistent imaging quality.

Energy Efficient

imageCLASS MF4890dw

The intelligent Energy Saver Mode reduces your power consumption to just 1.2W of power and this machine meets Energy Star guidelines.

Which Laser Copier Is Right For You?

Features imageCLASS D530

Currently Viewing

imageCLASS D550 imageCLASS D1320
Function Print, Copy, Scan
Print/Copy Speed Up to 26 ppm (letter) Up to 35 ppm (letter)
First Copy Out Time Less than 8.7 seconds (letter) Less than 9 seconds (letter) Less than 8 seconds (letter)
Copy Resolution Up to 600 x 600 dpi
Copy Features Memory Sort, 2 on 1, 4 on 1, ID Card Copy Memory Sort, 2 on 1, 4 on 1, ID Card Copy,
collate, Auto Background Control
Memory Sort, 2 on 1, 4 on 1, ID Card Copy
Copy/Print Memory 64 MB 128 MB
First Print Out Time Approx. 5.8 seconds (letter) Approx. 6 seconds (letter) Approx. 6 seconds or less (letter)
Print Resolution Up to 600 x 600 dpi, 1200 x 600 dpi quality
Print Features Watermark, Page Composer, Toner Saver Poster, Booklet, Watermark, Page Composer, Toner Saver
Connectivity USB 2.0 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Network Functions N/A Print, Scan
Duplex Print All-Mode (Copy, Print, Scan)
Printer Language UFR II LT (Host Based)
Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP/2000,
Mac OS X 10.4.9 and up, Linux (print only)
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008,
Windows Server 2003, Windows XP,
Mac OS X 10.4.9 and up, Linux (print only)
Paper Capacity 250-sheet cassette, 1-sheet multipurpose tray 500-sheet cassette, 50-sheet multipurpose tray
(additional 500-sheet cassette option)
Document Feeder N/A 50-sheet duplex
Max. Paper Size Up to Letter 8-1/2 x 14 inches (Legal)
Scan Resolution Up to 600 x 600 dpi (optical), 9600 x 9600 dpi (interpolated)
LCD Display 5-row backlit LCD with animation
Duty Cycle Up to 10,000 pages per month Up to 20,000 pages per month
Energy Consumption Approx. 520 W (during operation), Approx.
3 W standby, Approx. 1.2 W (energy saver)
Approx. 1090 W (during operation), Approx.
10 W standby, Approx. 3 W (energy saver)
Approx. 550 W (during operation), Approx.
9 W standby, Approx. 2.3 W (energy saver)
Energy Star Yes

Product Detail

  • Copy and Print at the same speed up to 20 ppm
  • Copies are ready to go when you are in just 8.7 seconds
  • Enjoy easy paper handling with the 250-sheet front loading cassette and 1 -sheet multipurpose tray
  • D Card Copy converts ID cards and other small two-sided originals into one-sided document


I’ve only just hooked up this printer, so I can’t comment on longevity, etc. I bought it primarily as a replacement for an old Sharp copier that I had, but the Canon is also connected as a backup printer.

As a printer, it is very fast and the print quality seems to be excellent, but as a copier, it has one deficiency: the glass size is A4, which is just slightly larger than letter size. The old copier had a much larger glass area, so it was possible to reduce some oversize documents to fit on letter size. This copier is somewhat crippled in that area.

Amazon has dropped the price on this printer by about $50 in just the last few days, so it’s a great value for a home office. It’s a good size, is fairly lightweight (at least in comparison with what I had before), and the set-up instructions are the best I’ve seen. I would not recommend this for a business, as it does not have a document feeder, besides the limited glass size.

Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible (C11CC36201) Recommended Printer 2014

Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible (C11CC36201)

Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible (C11CC36201)


Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?) This unit was tested on a Windows 7 Home Premium desktop workstation.


Yes, this does have a small footprint, but note the extra 6 inches of height and 3 inches of depth needed when trays are extended for printing. Setup was easy, though if you know what you’re doing, I recommend connecting the printer to your wireless network BEFORE you install the software on CD to your PC - you can then just say “printer is already on network” when prompted during installation. I tested ALL advertised features (including AirPrint and send and receiving FAX) and was able to get them all working to varying degrees. Per page printing costs are fairly standard for an inkjet (7-10 cents per page black and white; 20-25 cents for color including nicer photo paper). Speed is “quick” and not “super fast.” Big batch jobs will still require a laser printer. To keep the size of this review reasonable, I’ll leave it to other reviews to supply more specifics other than scanning features.


Note that there is a less expensive version of this printer, the Epson WorkForce WF-2530 which is virtually identical to the WF-2540 being reviewed here. The one major difference in the scanning features, discussed below, is that the cheaper WF-2530 does not have an external USB interface. This means that the WF-2530 must be attached to a computer by wifi or USB cable in order to scan. Otherwise, other than the extra interface option for an ethernet connection and a slightly different control display on the WF-2540 being reviewed here, it appears to be identical in size, speed, and function.

That being said, one of the best features of this all-in-One (WF-2540) is that it does have that external USB port. This actually allows the unit to be a stand-alone, non-attached, non-networked scanning station. If your workstation breaks, your network goes down, or you run out of ink, you can still scan documents to a USB drive and take them elsewhere to print, email, or whatever. As well, you can use as a stand-alone photocopier.

The second best feature for scanning is the automatic document feeder (ADF). It can hold only 30 pages, and was a little finicky when I used thicker source paper to scan. Still, ADF’s are a great feature for an inexpensive all-in-one unit like this. Note that if you scan directly from the control panel of the unit, your only choices are 200, 300, and 600 dpi resolution, and either PDF or jpeg formats only. The PDF is NOT searchable with no default of optical character recognition (OCR). The included ABBYY software cannot convert non-searchable PDFs to searchable (OCRed) PDFs. If you save scans as jpeg images the included ABBYY software CAN load and convert jpegs to searchable PDFs.

Using the workstation as a stand-alone scanner, I was able to create and store to attached USB drive a 5 page pdf document scanned at 200 dpi in color mode in 160 seconds (32 seconds/page). The same test document scanned at 600 dpi in color mode took 260 seconds (52 seconds/page). Rule of thumb would be 30-60 seconds per page depending on resolution.

Using the included EPSON Scan software, which runs on your computer, you can choose from a larger number of options than the limited ones from the control panel of the printer. E.g., you can set resolution from 60-9200 dpi, choose color smoothing, set to scan in gray scale, etc..

Scanning speed with a wireless connection varied greatly depending upon how far the WF-2540 is from your wifi router - wifi connection speed and strength is critical. Using the same 5 page document and the EPSON Scan software with the WF-2540 in wireless mode, I needed 20 minutes to produce a document when the unit was 50 feet away from my wifi router. Moving the WF-2540 to about 20 feet away, the same job took about 8 minutes. Connected with a USB cable to my PC, the same job took about 6 minutes. It was STILL much slower than the direct scan to attached USB device.

Rule: scanning and creating documents via wifi WILL be slower, and with a weaker wifi connection can be unusably slow. Consider how far your WF-2540 will be from your wifi router.

I give this 5 stars for being an excellent small office solution with a lot of built in flexibility (especially the USB scan and store capability). Connect by ethernet, wifi network, USB cable, or use as a stand-alone scan, copy or fax unit and you’re ready to go.

HP Pavilion 18-5010 18.5-inch All-in-One Desktop Top Desktop 2014

HP Pavilion 18-5010 18.5-inch All-in-One Desktop

HP Pavilion 18-5010 18.5-inch All-in-One Desktop


I bought this computer for my granddaughter so she could practice school work at home. That being said I wasn’t looking for a high end desktop or laptop. The space where it’s set up is limited so it had to be compact. This all-in one is perfect for a smaller desk top while retaining a good size screen. The AMD processor is perfect for basic computer chores. It runs educational programs easily. Plays movie disks (except Blu-ray) effortlessly. Surfs the web with no problem and plays streamed movies on Netflix with no problems. I’ve connected to the internet both with the ethernet lan and Wi-Fi connections available with the 18-5010. The picture quality is very good, the sound from the built in speakers good and it has a good build quality. Bear in mind this is not a power house but for the price you get a nice every day one piece desktop. And it looks good. I gave it five stars because it is perfect for what I wanted it for. Not as fast as my I3 laptop or I5 desktop but fast enough to handle everyday computing at a great price.